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Quality and Environmental Policy

Quality and Environmental Policy


SANITEC Kolo is a producer and distributor of wide variety bathroom equipment.

SANITEC Kolo’s superior aim is a pursuit of satisfying growing customers’ demands, along with assuring maximum efficiency. Customers’ satisfaction is a principal condition of the company’s existence and development. Therefore we aim at recognizing customers’ needs and expectations.

Being aware of our company’s impact on the environment, we pay particular attention to issues concerning the environment protection. We operate our business in such a way that it is least burdensome for the environment.

Our efforts concentrate on meeting the following assumptions:

  • providing customers' satisfaction by on-time deliveries of ordered products with agreed quality parameters and with a satisfying price
  • systematic verification of the customers’ satisfaction level concerning our products and services we offer
  • systematic improvement of production processes in order to constantly increase quality and productivity, optimizing the impact of our activity on the environment, as well as rational use of raw materials, materials and natural resources
  • stimulating quality-promoting and ecological activities at our suppliers’
  • preventing from pollutions and from hazards to the environment
  • applying up-to-date standards, regulations and law requirements valid for our organization
  • segregating produced wastes in order to use them again
  • increasing employees’ qualifications by providing educational opportunities
  • enhancing ecology-promoting consciousness and attitude among our employees
  • systematic analysis of technical development in our branch in the world market in order to enhance attractiveness of our offer for the customers
  • improving our organization by ensuring a proper communication and distributing responsibilities and delegations of authority in such a way that every employee, at any position, be responsible for his/her work quality and cooperation with both external and internal customers providing friendly labour conditions

In order to achieve the goals of the Quality and Environmental Policy, the Management of the Polish Group SANITEC Kolo has implemented, and has been maintaining and developing a company management system compliant with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996 standards requirements.

The Quality and Environmental Policy of the SANITEC Kolo is known to its employees and all interested parties.

President of the Board,
Marek Kukuryka

26th May 2003